Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

Residencies & Writers’ Conferences

Bread Loaf Environmental Writers’ Conference 2021 Fellow, Ripton VT

Tin House Winter Workshop, 2021 Fellow, Portland OR / online

Arctic Circle Writer’s Residency 2019 Fellow, Svalbard, Norway

Lit Camp Writers’ Conference 2019 Fellow, Esalen CA

Recent Publications

  • “Floating Zoe Rosen” in The Rambler
  • “The Opposite of Animal” in Nerve Magazine
  • “On Speed Dating and the Supersecret Spy” in Opium Magazine
  • “Things To Do When Your Best-Selling Non-Fiction Account of Addiction and Redemption is Revealed to Be an Embellished, Garden-Variety Crack and Whiskey Habit” in Opium Magazine
  • “Loyalty: The Guest Driver” in LA Weekly’s ‘A Considerable Town’ series

  • “Anja” in Mash Magazine
  • A great pseudo-literary chat with Aimee Bender called “The Virtues of Leather Pants and the Big Sloppy Mess”
  • A flippant review of The Master and Margarita

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