Full Fathom got published!

Since a story of mine got published today, I thought I’d commemorate the occasion by listing some links thus far to my recent writing.

“Full Fathom”, my spooky tale of love and boxes, is in the new issue of Locus Novus, an online multimedia journal. Click on the arrows and turn up your speakers…

“Demonstrating His Love, Oz Battles the Infants” can be found, in all its nastiness, at Poor Mojo’s Almanack.

“M and the Artful Lie,” my personal essay published in Painted Bride Quarterly last year, got nominated for a Pushcart (which was pretty nifty).

In the future, I’ll throw new links up here… And rants. I’ve got some thoughts on James Frey / The Smoking Gun shitstorm, but not what you think. Well, maybe what you think.

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