Instant Opium Gratification and Gregory Hemingway

Opium Magazine, an online journal with often-very-funny stories and commentary, wrote to tell me they’re taking Frey’s list, heretofore called “Things to do when…” etc. Because that title gets less funny for me if I keep typing it.

Incidentally, have you seen’s coverage of Fake Writer Week? Kind of brilliant.

All this commotion about JT Leroy’s fictional gender and James Frey’s fictional super-masculinity reminds me of the story of
Gregory / Gloria Hemingway.

Papa’s youngest son – doctor, writer, elephant assassin, transsexual – died a few years back in the women’s annex of Dade County as Gloria Hemingway. He’d been arrested for parading through the streets with no clothing, roaringly drunk with a weak heart and clutching a pair of fine pumps. Apparently, by the way, as curious as the story is (especially for his many ex-wives and the heirs of 1/3 of Papa’s fortune) he was tremendously well-loved in Palm Beach. So, um, there.

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