After a lengthy jaunt

Thought it was about time I returned to the musing. I go through periods of dormancy with my writing; life hurtles merrily along, and I realize the past few months have been spent thoroughly preoccupied with teaching and politics and new bands and rediscovering the joys of running and east-village-carousing with friends.

Nicole Hefner, early in the mfa program, said it best: Drinking with writers is not writing, but you’d be forgiven for feeling sure it was at 2am.

– Am I thrilled with the new political climate? Cautiously, I am.
– Am I working on my novel again? Slowly but with enthusiasm. New direction, better characters. Also, headed back into short stories and essays I hope.
– Am I watching too much basketball? Clearly.
– Am I still in love with NYU’s Expository Writing Program? There is no more rewarding cult that I’m aware of. But then, I pass out the kool aid.
– Am I planning to live in the East Village indefinitely? Nah. But I do have this amazing community of writers and friends and quirky coffee shops and odd little parks and speakeasy bars and… it takes five minutes by foot to get to work. Even though I bike with speedy sloth.
– Am I aware that no one really cares to read a personal status update, as blogs are far more interesting when commenting on the outside world, when smartly asserting and claiming and persuading? I am. Bite me.

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