Let Them Eat my French Revolution

So, you know, being engaged is great. In many ways, hardly anything’s changed. Neither of us is particularly obsessed with notions of the perfect wedding.

But I understand that it’s not entirely about just us. And I get the power of social ritual. I’ve long maintained that weddings, as with funerals, aren’t actually for or about the persons most directly involved.

There’s a multipart sequence of things that People Must Do because without them there will be popular revolt. Cake, for instance. Got to have it.

People freak out without cake, they leave groggy and disoriented, cheated somehow of a crucial marker of time and culinary happiness. Also: wedding registries, floral arrangements, booze, the main course, garters, booze, suitable hotels for out-of-town guests, rehearsal dinners, speeches, flower girls, booze. Preferably not flower girls with booze, as this is frowned upon by Ranger Bob, who guided us through the many park rules this week.

Even though I want to have a small, grand gathering with those I most love in the world and karaoke all night long in Tilden Regional Park… Part of me would rather just already be married, embarking on a year-long (and extravagantly free) honeymoon that takes in various parts of the world both balmy and luxurious.

3 thoughts on “Let Them Eat my French Revolution

  1. Oh….

    One as we wanted it (Fruit, marzipan, no icing)

    One for nut allergies (Fruit no nuts no marzipan)

    The first is still being eaten….

    There was a slight revolt on the icing front but we were adamant.

    Icing is bad for your teeth.

    The main issue came around trifle

    Trifle is evil we said

    No trifle will darken our doors

    Trifle is no trifle, it can have ramifications.

    And yet there is was, in its glory, at the end of the table, muttering.

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